Hello again, hope you guys are having a lovely Tuesday!!

So, as promised here is my Home collection, made especially for those of you that are going to Uni soon!!

#1 So Firstly the duvet. This Cath Kidston lookalike set is really pretty at under £15 including p&p. It would look great with the Floral lights.

#2 How cute is this fox doorstop?

#3 I have personally bought these wall stickers. They're great for personalising a blank white wall, but make sure your landlord allows you to stick things to your walls.

#4 These pink rose fairy lights are so cute. I have similar ones that I hung on a curtain rail.

#5 This door picture frame is great if you are not allowed to stick things to your walls and you want somewhere where you can regularly see your photos!

#6 I've also bought these butterfly fridge magnets. They are so cool and as they are 3d, they move and look real.

So that's my Ebay wishlist for your Home.
Hope you guys liked it. Let me know what you think!



Hello again,
Thank-you for the lovely comments on my first post!
I know the Summer is almost over and it has been a bit drizzly here in London, but to keep that feeling of Summer going, here is my Summer Edition of my Ebay finds!!

#1 I love this Floral print body-con dress. Perfect for making any outfit summery. It's also a steal at under £6 including p&p.

#2 This knitted statement necklace is the perfect accessory to the floral body-con dress above. At under £7, it's quite pricey in terms of the other necklaces I featured in my last post. However if you type in "knitted white statement necklace" into the Ebay search engine,  the necklace does come up with different sellers who sell via auctions starting from £0.01p. So it may be worth checking it out.

#3 I remember last year when my sister saw the anchor version of this on instagram and Tumblr and begged me to get her one. I searched Ebay high and low and found that only one seller on Ebay was selling them for just under £20. I was a bit disappointed as I although they are very pretty, it didn't look like it was worth £20. However, whilst I was doing my standard Ebay stalking, I came across a seller from Hong Kong who had them going for just under £1.30. There were loads of different variations as well, such as musical, love and more anchor ones [here, here and here], although the one above is my favourite.

#4 These statement trousers are a bargain at £8 including p&p. They would look great with a white chiffon blouse or vest with a statement necklace.

#5 I really do love this vintage-esque green satchel bag. The colour of it suits both Summer and Winter and at under £8 [including p&p], it would be a great bag to take anywhere.

#6 These gold ankle cuffs may make you look like the Genie in Aladdin, however at just over £2 [including p&p] for 2, these would look great with some strappy heels in the summer and some boots in the winter.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and like my post this week!
Stay tuned as next week I'll be doing a home edition for all 
those going either back to or starting Uni in Septemeber!!!



I absolutely love Ebay and think it's a great place to find pieces that are more expensive elsewhere. Although most of the pieces are from Asia, and the delivery can vary from a week until a month, most sellers are up to date in what will be trending and so often sell great pieces.

Most of the pieces I buy seem to be from the same factory as the big names of ASOS and Topshop. So I get the same pieces for less.

#1 This floral ombre print chiffon shirt is amazing and really cheap at under £7. I first saw it on Pinterest when I was looking for floral chiffon shirts and so I instantly began looking for it came from. I initially found it on Persunmall for just under £23, but a quick Ebay search brought up a much cheaper price.

#2 This Versace -ish lion necklace as spotted on Rihanna [here] has become such a big trend for Autumn/Winter 2013 and with Accesorize and Topshop Lion necklaces selling out, this is a MUST-have at under £1.50.

#3 This statement layered teardrop necklace is also a MUST-have to smarten up any white shirt. With similar ones being sold in Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Accesorize for just under £20, I think this one is a bargain at under £2.50.

#4 Everybody loves Fake Eye Lashes  . This Ebay seller sells 10 eyelashes for £0.99p and with loads of choices available, you can be Katy Perry one day or "natural" the other.

#5 These Zara white shorts  replicas are a bargain at under £4 and go really well with with both the Floral ombre shirt and the Kiss print Chiffon blouse.

#6 This  faux leather tote bag is a great Blogger fashion find at just under £10 including p&p.

#7 This Kiss print Chiffon blouse is another versatile Blogger fave and would look great with the Zara shorts, or some denim shorts.

So this is my first post!!
I hope you guys like it and feel free to comment on any suggestions you may have.
I have loads more Ebay bargain fashion finds and may  even start doing themed ones too.

Hope you guys are having a great day!