Hello again, hope you guys are having a lovely Tuesday!!

So, as promised here is my Home collection, made especially for those of you that are going to Uni soon!!

#1 So Firstly the duvet. This Cath Kidston lookalike set is really pretty at under £15 including p&p. It would look great with the Floral lights.

#2 How cute is this fox doorstop?

#3 I have personally bought these wall stickers. They're great for personalising a blank white wall, but make sure your landlord allows you to stick things to your walls.

#4 These pink rose fairy lights are so cute. I have similar ones that I hung on a curtain rail.

#5 This door picture frame is great if you are not allowed to stick things to your walls and you want somewhere where you can regularly see your photos!

#6 I've also bought these butterfly fridge magnets. They are so cool and as they are 3d, they move and look real.

So that's my Ebay wishlist for your Home.
Hope you guys liked it. Let me know what you think!